5 Ways To Tech Out Your House

Everyone knows there’s been some cool tech in 2016, 2017. So, just how connected can our homes get.

First off, let’s start off with the lights. Many people have heard off Phillips Hue lights, but may not now the full capabilities of it. Phillips Hue light bulbs can easily be controlled by your phone or Amazon Alexa (which I will be talking about later on). The bulbs can change to 16 million different colors. The Phillips Hue bulbs can be controlled over wifi and can be turned off anywhere in the house by simply saying, “Turn off my bedroom lamp.” You can also ask for color themes depending on how your feeling. You may ask for a desert theme on a rainy day and it will turn all your bulbs an orangy red. If you are connected to wifi, you can turn your lights off from anywhere in the world. You can also set your lights on a timed schedule to make it look like your home when on vacation. If this isn’t enough, the colors of the bulb can sync with your music. This is a must have for any tech household.


The next item for your tech home is the Nest thermostat. This is not only a killer tech item, but an energy efficient one too. The Nest pays for itself with its energy saving features. The efficient thermostat can be controlled from anywhere, whether you’re in the car or grocery store. It also can automatically turn down the heat when you leave your home. Nest will also learn your schedules and what temperatures you like. If every day after dinner, you turn the heat up to 22 degrees Celcius, your Nest will learn your schedules and automatically turn the heat up after you have dinner. Another way it saves energy is that Nest allows you to track your energy daily to see how much energy you are actually using. The Nest not only has all these features but has a modern look as well fitting in with any room. nest

This nest item may not be for everyone due to its price but if you decide to splurge, you won’t be disappointed. The Samsung Smart Fridge. The Samsung Smart Fridge has a massive 21.5-inch touchscreen display on the front of it. Where you can look at your schedule or even the forecast for the day. This sounds exciting but we’re not done yet. If you are out at the grocery store and don’t quite remember what you have in the fridge, there is a camera inside the fridge so you can look inside your fridge from the grocery store to see what you have and what you might need to buy. You can also look inside of the fridge from the touch screen on the outside of the fridge. If cooking is just too bland for you, you can also sync your tv with the fridge and display whatever is on your tv, on the fridge. If tv’s not your thing, then you can listen to music with your fridge as well. One last point, it costs 6 grand. Samsung

One more smart appliance is the Samsung Washer. It can do everything you think a quality washer would do like efficient washing with a large capacity, and other necessities. The washer has a sink in it for hand washing or for pre-soaking. You can also text your washer to start a new load if your out of the house which is a neat feature that you won’t see in any other washer. Again, this washer may not be for everyone but if you want a smart home, you’ve got to spend some money.


The key component in a smart home is Amazon Alexa. You can not have a smart home without Amazon Alexa. Alexa is almost going to be the home base for all your home tech. If you need to do anything, you just ask Alexa. Everything in your house is connected to her. You can ask Alexa anything from how far is the earth from the moon to ordering you pizza or an Uber. Alexa is compatible with almost all smart home devices such as Phillips Hue. You have the power to control your whole house with your voice. You can turn down the heat or a couple of lights in your bedroom. You can even order items on Amazon. There is now more and more third party apps compatible with Alexa like Uber and again Phillips Hue. And, you can just use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker with some pretty good sound quality.Amazon

I think this one quote really sums up this article, ” Technology solves problems we didn’t even know we needed to be solved.”


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    1. There are health risks living in a wireless home, but these 5 items will not increase the health risks. The main health risks come from wifi, microwaves (radioactivity) and cell phone networks.


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