12 Things You Never Knew The Actual Purpose For

Have you ever just flat out wondered, why is that there?


It’s a common misconception that the hole in the ballpoint pen is to keep the pen from leaking or to keep it from drying out. The real reason there is a hole is so if a toddler or really anyone were to be chewing on the pen cap and choked on it, the hole would prevent their airway from closing up completely.


With some clothes (generally fancier or higher end clothes) there is an extra piece of fabric that comes with the clothing item. It may seem pretty obvious that it’s in case a button breaks or you rip your clothing item. But really, it’s so you can test out what detergent works best with your fabric.


The tiny pocket inside your big pocket was made for your pocket watch when jeans were first invented.


Jeans are mysterious? These metal rivets make your jeans more durable as it was a common problem to have your jeans rip if you wore them while mining.


Yes, that’s what the hole in your pot is for.


The tiny hole in the top of the tape measure is so you can rest it on the head of a nail without any concerns of the tape measure slipping.


Of course, the main purpose of the hole is to let water drain out of the spoon, but on some spoons; the hole about the same size as a serving size of pasta.


If you have every used a bobby pin you probably noticed there is a straight side and a curvy side. The curvy side faces your head and helps the bobby pin stay on better.


You know how sometimes you get a weird interference if you go to close to a speaker with your phone? Well that pretty much what this cable does, eliminates this. Or, as explained by someone scientific,”Those little cylinder-shaped lumps are ferrite cores or chokes, and they’re essentially just chunks of magnetic iron oxide that are there to suppress high-frequency electromagnetic interference.”


When learning how to type you probably learned that f and j are the “home keys” and are where your index fingers rest. The little indent let you get back to your home keys without looking down at your keyboard.


On champagne bottles there is deep grooves on the bottom of the bottle because when going through the corking process, there is high pressure on the sides and bottom of the bottle. The indentation helps spread the pressure evenly throughout the whole bottle (no it’s not just becuase they are cheap)


These odd looking things on most crosswalks are called truncated domes and are actually for visually impaired people, so they don’t walk on the road.

Hopefully the world just made a little more sense after reading this.


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